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Customer Reviews

The only thing that gets me through! by Lily on 10/23/2014

I am on a calorie reduced diet and this has been a god send! I use it to make myself a mocha in the morning and afternoon, and it really takes the edge off of the cravings. It is amazing. I think I am their frequent buyer on this product now!

wonderful substitute by Jenny on 06/27/2014

The real thing. I was amazed when i first tried it cause i am a Thousand Island dressing lover but stopped using it years ago and this product brings it back into my life. Thanks for a great dressing!

WOW :) by Christine on 03/20/2014

Soooooo delicious! It tasted more like butterscotch but I loved it! I put it on my nature greek yogurt with some wild berries and on my healthy waffles… Puts happiness in a diet :)

Pretty good!! by Raquel on 05/20/2013

This stuff is not the best on its own, If you try a little \taste\" test... but once you throw it in your tuna and stuff, it tastes amazing. It's a little to the sweet side. I love my tuna with it, it's sooooo good. Definitely buy 2 at a time.. not enough in the jar!"

So good! by Raquel on 05/20/2013

At firsy, I didn't really like this dressing at all. But it was kind of like, well... let me just try it one more time... And eventually, I started to like it more and more. Now, I can't live without it... like I can eat bowl after bowl after bowl of my baby spinach salad with this dressing, even with nothing else in it, expect for the dressing! It's just soooo tasty. I love it so much!

Awesome Sauce by Michelle on 04/20/2013

This is all we use now in our house as BBQ sauce. Definately a must for dieters! This product even makes green vegetables taste good.

Amazing by Niloo on 04/15/2013

I absolutely loved it. I used to eat half a jar of nutella within 1 hour feeling guilty afterwards, but this dip tastes amazing and it's 0 calories.

Definitely one of the better dressings by Steve on 03/22/2013

I've tried nearly all of the Walden Farms salad dressings, and this one is hands down my favourite.

Nothing bad to say! by Melanie on 03/18/2013

For being a healthy alternative, this is a great dressing! It feels like you're cheating but 100% guilt free! It is my favourite when I make homemade pizza, veggie trays, and salads. Being able to still have that blue cheese smell and the creamy taste makes my heart melt. Love love love.

Awesome on EVERYTHING by Wendy on 01/14/2013

This mayo/dip is amazing. Has great flavour and I find I don't want to eat many things unless I have it on hand! Now I buy it buy the case. Makes a great dip for sweet potato fries and I smother it on my healthy casserole. Without this specific product I think my journey to healthy eating would be much less obtainable. is ranked out of 5. Based on user reviews.