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Customer Reviews

Surprisingly good! by Kathleen on 12/14/2018

While it is more watery than even light (real) cream (5%), and it takes a fair amount to make your coffee not look like dirty water, it tastes surprisingly good! I will buy this again!

Disappointment by Chelsea on 12/07/2018

Trust me when I say that I was really excited for this product, however, I must say that it is not delicious in the slightest. It takes fake and I usually do not notice the taste of artificial sweetener, however, I do in this product, and it is quite bad. I agree with Jessica's comment about the consistency being a bit like tofu or pudding, but that part would actually be fine if the taste was good, but unfortunately, it is not :< As an alternative, the chocolate syrup is absolutely delicious, as well as the pancake syrup, so please do not think I am bashing Walden Farms, because I absolutely LOVE this brand for the most part, but this product certainly needs to be reformulated.

mcdonald's orange drink by Rachel on 11/25/2018

This tastes pretty fake and ultra-sweet. Almost exactly like McDonalds orange drink. I like all other Walden Farms products I've tried and have found them so be pretty natural-tasting.

No difference with original in taste by Marcelle on 11/13/2018


Satisfying! by Laura on 09/07/2018

This is an excellent topper for jello!

Very good by David on 09/04/2018

best of the WF dressings that i've tried.

This sauce is neither thick or spicy by David on 09/04/2018

This sauce tastes nearly identical to WF "original" bbq sauce. it's no thicker and definitely not spicy.

My favorite by Julie on 07/27/2018

I mix this dressing with Kraft Caloriewise poppy seed 2:1 and use it on my tuna salad. I litteraly can't get enough of this recipe. I've eaten it at least 3 times a week for the last 2 years and it helped me lose more than 150 pounds. Thank you for being part of this journey and helping save my life, Walden Farms!

Delicieux by Julie on 05/30/2018

Tres bonne, ma preferee et je ne la trouve nulle part!

Good zero free sweet treat by Barbara on 04/29/2018

My hubby and I both like these for a small sweet treat,we like them cold from the fridge,and they are individually wrapped can throw a few in my purse when traveling,will buy these again! is ranked out of 5. Based on user reviews.